Monday, March 9, 2015

Truly Victorian Cascade Overskirt TV367

This over skirt is very well suited to vertical stripes. It also is fairly easy to put together. Like the Imperial, it uses burnous pleats in the back. It is perfectly suited for the Imperial bustle. The only challenging part was gathering the fabric to the back waistband. Even for one layer of cotton it took a lot of really tight gathers to fit it all. So be aware if you are using a heavier fabric. You may have issues. When I first started trimming this skirt I realized I was using too small of trim. It was getting lost in all the fabric and stripes. So I decided on bright and dark purple as my accent color. A bit unexpected, but the Victorians seemed to enjoy throwing color around. One I got a grasp on bigger is better, I had a lot of fun making fabric flowers and ribbons accents. My flowers are made of poly organdy. You can see the back of the skirt and the small flowers I had sewn on earlier. The front of the skirt trim was unfinished at this point and I had yet to trim the side swags. However, I really needed to get going on my bodice because I knew it was going to be a PITA to fit. Because of that I held off on the trimming until the end.

Up next: the bodice. Just kidding, we are going to revisit the revised corset.

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  1. That is gorgeous make me one! Reminds me of my fair lady :)