Thursday, May 14, 2015

Repurposing an old hat AKA creative magic

On my thrifting adventures sometimes I come across little orphan hats. Like this one:

SO sad!!!

I am pretty sure it was an old child's bonnet. The brim has wire underneath the velvet. The straw was all stained. Just a sad little thing. I decided I would make this into a 1880s era hat that I could wear with one of my bustle dresses. It would sit atop my head tilted towards the front. So I dug into my hat making stash and pulled out a 1 yard cut of yummy red silk I have been hoarding. You can see it in the above picture. I decided to leave on the velvet trim and the wire so I wouldn't have to rewire the brim.

 End result!!
I covered the hat completely with the red silk. Added some lace, hat netting, tulle, feathers and ribbon.

Now I just need a dress to go with the hat!! I have some beautiful red, white and blue cotton that would make a fabulous bustle dress. But for now this little lovely belongs to my mannequin.

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