Friday, May 1, 2015

The problem with chronic sewing. I have been wondering why I have been so hyper focused on costuming the last 5 months. The lightbulb moment came when I was shuffling my seasonal clothing around. As I was bringing out all my spring and summer stuff I realized how much I had sewn last year. Crazy! I have more dresses and tops than a human needs. I mean, I like to have choices, but this is too much of a good thing. I think by focusing on my costume wardrobe, especially the undergarments, has calmed the closet filling of my modern wardrobe. Whew! I was going to run out of room.

On the other hand... One of the main modern projects I want to do this year is make a coat. A freaking fabulous coat. I have the pattern and fabric already. Sitting there for the last 6 months. Sigh. I just haven't had the motivation. And there are a few modern patterns that I want to make, soon. I have one of the new Marcy Tilton  patterns all adjusted and ready to go. Again, not motivated.

Also on my list of to do, spending some quality time with Joi's new fitting book. I am tired of FBA and want some more options. I hate playing musical darts. It is tedious. Move it here, move it there! She doesn't do FBA in her book. It is more like pattern scaling. As I have been fitting Victorian bodices I realized that is a bit of what I have been doing. So I am going to give it a try.


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