Wednesday, September 9, 2015

1880s Truly Victorian TV362 Wash Overskirt

I made this skirt earlier this year and hadn't reviewed it yet. This is the lovely wash overskirt by Truly Victorian patterns. The skirt turned out perfectly and I do want to make it again. You can make it with or without the front apron. I used a cotton shirting that had been in my stash forever. The wash over skirt is so called because the sides are gathered with inner lacings that you can let out when you want to wash it. It went together quickly and without issues. It does take up a bit of fabric, but the end result is worth it. I cut the size based on my hip measurement (44). I made no changes to the pattern. This is worn over TV101 bustle and two petticoats. The underskirt is TV261-R The blouse is sort of a wearable muslin/frankenpattern whose neckline is gaping and way too low. So for the photos I threw on a fichu. I did work out the fitting issues of said muslin. I just need to make a new version.

My only regret is not lining the back panel with netting. It falls flat so I had to make an ugly net bustle pad to compensate for the flat fabric. I wear it on top of my bustle and petticoats. I used netting instead of a pillow pad because netting crushes and I can sit and lean back if I want to. Pillows don't allow for that.

The ugly net bustle pad in all it's glory.


  1. And this just reminded me I need to pull out my white netting to put into my bustling of my skirt, something I have always forgotten to do. But as long as no one looks under your skirts, who's to know?

    1. Yes. I have been using a lot more netting in my skirts. That ugly net bustle pad I use is pretty awesome. It just gives that extra poof and I can still drive when wearing it. Unlike a bustle pillow.