Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Truly Victorian 1887 Summer Overskirt TV363 AKA My 1880s Jailbird Cupcake bustle dress

Last year I had bought some striped very lightweight cotton pique from Mood Fabrics. My master plan was to make a bustle dress out of it. Yay me! Eventually it finally happened. I have reviewed both this bodice (TV400) and underskirt (TV261-R) so this post is primarily about the overskirt TV363.

This overskirt is best suited to lightweight fabrics. The directions were easy to follow and I just used my waist size as usual. The only thing I don't care for is the front closing on this skirt. It adds bulk where I least want it. However, it is easy as hell to put on. Also bear in mind that the wrong side of your fabric may show where the fabric drapes up. I recommend lining the back poofs with netting for extra body. I had no issues putting this together. Trim it however you like. I used black silk taffeta ruffle and black gimp. I decided on a splash of magenta ribbon for a little color. Her skirts are really all about the trim you add.

On the bodice, I think I did a great job of matching my stripes on the center back seam. You can't even tell there is a CB seam! After that I clearly was either drunk or lost interest. I wanted the horizontal side back stripes to match to the bias side stripes. Hmmmm. Fail. But I can live with it. I was still struggling with the fit of this bodice and contacted Truly Victorian. She was very helpful. I was able to see what I had been doing wrong. It would have been better had I contacted her BEFORE I was working with my fashion fabric. But why make things easy?! At least my armholes are much more comfortable. I was making them too tight. The more you know!

The underskirt is just ok. I have used the pattern before and love it. I don't love the bottom ruffle. It has a mind of it's own and is pissing me off. So at some point there may be another black skirt in my future. But this one will do for now.

And all those bodice buttons!!! Takes FOREVER to put it on/take it off. But they look so pretty!!

A little cheese cake!

In the end, I like this dress, I just don't LOVE it. However, it will get worn and my skills are gradually improving.

In the end---How I feel about the underskirt...

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