Thursday, June 16, 2016

More 1890s sewing Truly Victorian Eaton jacket & walking skirt in green linen TV498 TV291

I really like the quality of linen from They have an excellent selection of linen in different weights. I bought this mid weight green linen awhile back and decided to get it out of my stash.  Yay!

Truly Victorian Eaton Jacket:
I have made this quite a few times. It goes together quickly. I decided to underline this version and finished the raw edges with matching bias tape instead of doing a separate lining. A lot of Victorian clothing was unlined but underlined. This is a great jacket for a beginner to Truly Victorian patterns.

Truly Victorian walking skirt:
I chose to keep this really simple and do away with the underlining. Needless to say it went together very quickly. I also sewed the hem by machine because lazy. I wanted something quick and easy. This is an easy skirt to sew. I highly recommend this one for beginning costumers.

The blouse is a sleeveless shell I made from the Wingeo pattern #307 without the front gathered panel. It makes a nice basic shell for suits and such.

In the end I have a nice linen 1890s walking suit. Something I have wanted to make for awhile.

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