Sunday, September 18, 2016

Harlots and Angels Asylum corset

I made this several years ago. It was way more project than I was ready for. Up to that point the closest thing I had made to a corset were renaissance bodices. I do not recommend this pattern for a beginner. Have a few corsets under your belt before this monster.

The pattern itself was easy to make. Not a lot of pieces or complicated construction. You pick your size based on the waist size you want (within reason). I bought the 32-34-36 size and made the 34. This corset has almost no hip spring. It is very straight. That is really my biggest peeve with the finished product. Not the pattern makers fault. Just inexperience on my part. Here's an idea! Make a muslin!!! The directions are fairly straight forward. I recommend cutting and tipping your own boning because you are gonna need some long pieces. Also, use real eyelets. I cheated and used eyelet tape. It makes lacing up more difficult because the eyelet holes are so tight. By the time I finished this corset my hands ached from cutting all the boning and my fingers were like hamburger from hand stitching the binding on. Another side note, use a good quality busk. Mine is cheap crap. I would probably go with a heavy duty busk for this one.

Final words:

Pattern, great.
Make a muslin.
Prepare for a lot of metal cutting and tipping.
Use real eyelets.
You will need a butt load of lacing string.
You will need a butt load of spring and flat steel boning.
Use a good quality busk.
This will take awhile to make. Give yourself time.
I don't recommend this for a beginner.

 Laces all the way up the back.

Under bust front.

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