Monday, March 14, 2016

Truly Victorian 1898 Flared Skirt TV297 and let's talk about body image

Who doesn't like a red ensemble! I normally don't wear a lot of red because it is hard to find the flattering shade for me. But I finally did! Since I have already reviewed the Eaton jacket this write up is only about TV297.

My love affair with the 1890s continues. Since I am a tad plump (yes. I own it. At 45 years old I no longer feel the need to food ration and starve to get down to some "ideal" weight I cannot maintain.) I am finding that the tailored look of the 1890s is quite flattering. The puff sleeves and flared skirts make the waist it look smaller.

This skirt is easy to put together and the seam lines are flattering. The most time consuming part of 1890s skirts is the underlining and hemming. Because of the bias cut this skirt should hang overnight before you hem it. There is no hem facing required on this one either. I used a mid weight red twill and underlined it with cotton. I also decided to trim the seams with some black gimp. As with all TV skirts I do have to shorten them about 1.5 inches. I have a pair of sensible granny boots with a 1.5 inch heel. I make most of my outfits to accommodate those boots. All in all I love this skirt pattern. I just finished a plaid version. I will post about that once I get some pictures. Be warned with plaids or stripes some seams won't match. I am not so good at matching plaid/stripes so I really don't care...

Body image, a "hot topic" these days. I am not as slim as I used to be. However at 45 and two kids (and 2 c-sections) later I am realistic. I am not going to have the figure I had at 18. Genetics also play a role. I take after my maternal grandfather's side of the family. Shortish chubby (apple shaped) Bretons who emigrated to Quebec at some point (eh) ;-). Once there, intermarried with the indigenous peoples making us Metis to some extent. Trappers and traders. The fun ones. ;-) Maybe this explains my grandfather's swarthy complexion, dark hair and the bluest eyes ever. distracted with family history. I grew up in a family of constant dieting. My mom was almost always on a diet. Life was gonna start once she lost that 20 lbs. I started starving myself at age 13 when I tipped the scales at 111 pounds and 5 ft 4 inches tall. I took diet pills and ate probably 800 calories a day. I managed to slim down to 102 lbs. I was so proud. Of course not realizing I was already on a downhill journey of dieting and gaining back. For years. Once I hit my 40s I became tired of this lifestyle. I stopped it and started an even longer journey of self love. I am still making that journey.

But I will add that once you start sewing garments you will have no illusions about your body anymore. You can't hide from the numbers, you must accept them. I love to sew. And I won't be one of those people who say "I will sew for myself once I lose xx pounds". Like they/we are not worthy of loving themselves enough to give themselves pleasure. Whatever that pleasure may be. Buying a new dress, getting their hair done.

And let me add as a final note. Maybe it is the artist in me (thanks dad) but I love seeing the diversity in our world. I love to people watch and see all the different colors, shapes, sizes. I don't see people in just black and white. If you look hard enough you begin to see people's souls, not just what is on the outside. Yes, I admire physical beauty. That is a normal human trait. And sometimes physical beauty can mask the darkest of souls (example, Ted Bundy). Somehow his name sullies my blog, but I will keep it here.

Self acceptance and self love takes time. Enjoy the journey and live your life to the fullest. Treat yourself well. xoxo Mimi