Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Burda 2471 Men's Regency era pattern AKA Napoleon pattern

It was time for the Washington Regency Society (WRS) 12th night ball! I asked my youngest if he would be interested in attending with me. He had joined me for the WRS picnic last summer and had a great time. I knew if he was going to go he would need something to wear. My dilemma, he is 14 and still growing. I started out looking at the Laughing Moon patterns but I didn't want to go that in depth for a costume that won't fit him in 6 months. I landed on Burda 2471. I had used the vest pattern last year for the WRS picnic. The cut and fit were really good. After getting his measurements I realized I needed to go up to the next size on the vest because he had grown again since summer!! The only part of Burda 2471 I wasn't interested in were the breeches. They are a very modern tight cut and require fabric with some stretch. Lol. My son took one look at the picture of Napoleon's tight white disco hot pants on the pattern envelope and said yeah, no.

So what pattern did I use for his breeches? Simplicity 4923 to the rescue! The whole pattern is fantastic. I made the entire suit for my husband a couple years ago and it turned out great. If you are looking for a basic no frills pair of drop front breeches Simplicity 4923 is perfect.

Let's go!

Size and fabric:

I decided on the size 38 chest. His chest measures 37 so I checked the finished measurements and knew the 38 would work. Do yourself a favor and make the breeches and vest first. My son uses a tux shirt for costuming. Once I got done with the vest and breeches he tried all components on and I measured him again before jumping the gun on his jacket.

I wanted the costume to be washable if needed. I used red canvas for the jacket and navy brushed twill for his vest, breeches and all the contrast on the jacket.


This went together really easily. Just follow the directions and you should have no issues. Be aware that Burda patterns are a bit different from the Big 4.

End result:
I'm very pleased! My son looked quite dashing and he enjoyed both wearing his costume and attending the ball.

Side note:
The sleeve cap has too much ease. I had to pleat mine because the fabric was too thick to ease/gather. I also heard this from another costumer so I know it's not just me.

 Looking quite the young gent!

He spent the evening learning to play cards.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

2018 bits and pieces of costuming fun and upcoming events!!

So I have been fairly neglectful of my little blog. Life happens and things get busy. I have been enjoying some outings but also spending time at home with my guys. Since I am very lazy I will just post some pictures from activities since summer. I do have some finished projects I will be writing about soon.

Costume College 2018!!!

Yes I did attend with the fabulous Countess! It was a really fun time. The first time I went I was on my own and I felt kind of awkward. Going with a friend is a blast and I highly recommend it! We also made a special trip to the fabric district. IT WAS EPIC!

Thursday pool party. I made a quick open robe out of a lovely fabric that I only had a small amount of.

Friday night social with the Countess! We had an open robe mini theme.

Val at Time Traveling in Costume was also part of the open robe mini theme.

 For the gala I decided on my metallic gold 1950s evening dress.

 Keeping things klassy. ;-)

Mirror selfie at the gala!

I wore my peacock 1912 gown to the Time Traveller Tea on Sunday.

Costume College was a lot of fun but it's not something I can do every year. Traveling is expensive and I had to curtail some of my local activities to afford it. Maybe I will go again in 2020 or 2021. :-)

October outing in Port Gamble:

A few of us decided to get together for a anything goes dress up day in scenic Port Gamble. We had a really fun time and enjoyed some champagne in the graveyard. It brought back the cemetery drinking  memories of my misspent youth in Seattle. I wore my red twill 1890s outfit and I was feeling pretty spiffy!

The local tea shop was having a Harry Potter day so The Countess brought her magic wand!

 Me and Lady Champagne, one of my favorite goth sisters.

Christmas at Fort Nisqually

The Countess and I seem to have made a tradition of going to the Yule Log ceremony at Fort Nisqually. It was a chilly day but mostly dry. I broke out my 1850s plaid dress and red "hussy" bonnet. I made a cute little cape of blue velveteen and trimmed it with marabou. Sewing that stuff on was not fun but the overall look is pretty fancy. I lined the cape with flannel for extra warmth.

I bought an up cycled fur muff for the fundraiser. It was made from an old fur coat. So soft and warm!

I hope you have enjoyed my posts from 2018! I do have a couple patterns to review and will hopefully get to it in the next couple weeks. 2019 looks to be a busy year of costuming! 

We are gearing up for VicFest in Port Townsend, WA! It's March 22-24. The planners are doing it a bit different this year. It will be more interactive with the guests. They want YOU to come dressed in your Victorian costumes. There will be a evening reception Friday night followed by pub hopping. Saturday looks to have a garden reception (possibly indoors due to weather), organized teas, fashion show and ball. Sunday will have more opportunities for tea and some shopping. Tickets are not for sale yet. Stay tuned to this page on Face Book for details! VicFest FB Page

Another event taking place is The Outlander Ball on March 9th. If you are interested in finding out more about this event you must join The Outlander Fanatics of Washington State Face Book page. There is a link to all the details there. Outlander Fanatics of WA

JASNA is having a full day and evening (BALL!!!!!!!) of Jane Austen! An Evening at Pemberly in Seattle Washington on April 6th. Here is a link for more info Puget Sound JASNA

Happy 2019!