Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Jane Austen Appreciation Day WRS outing!

This last Sunday was The Washington Regency Society's Jane Day. We had been invited to the Seattle Public Library for a few hours to wear Regency costume and talk about Jane. It also enabled us to meet some potential new members! We had a great time and The Countess brought costume accessories etc....for people to try on.  Much fun was had by all, even Flat Jane our cardboard mascot. ;-)

We followed up with a WRS meeting at The Fairmont Olympic Hotel after our library adventure. There were snacks and booze on the menu. Plus it was happy hour! Drinks and food are served in their fancy lobby with plenty of comfortable seating.

 Flat Jane selfie!

 Just us two wallflowers.

 The darling Ms. K

The Countess as bad boy Mr. Wickham!

 And as Elizabeth!

 Oh dear! Two Elizabeths! Well, the naughty Liz for Mr. Wickham and the nice Liz for Mr. Darcy. Naughty Liz is on the right! ;-)

 At the Fairmont Olympic in Seattle.

 Patterns used--La Mode Bagatelle faux drop front dress in white clip dot with an underdress of yellow voile. Spencer is the cross front pattern by Laughing Moon patterns without sleeves. Bonnet pattern is the small brim Regency bonnet by Lynn McMasters. If you are going to make your first Regency bonnet I highly recommend the small brim version of this pattern. Use the gathered brim pattern piece for an easy brim finish.

Myself and the always lovely Countess! She has named this outfit of mine Buttercup.

I would just like to add that in the last two years of my costuming adventures I have met some of the most wonderful people! I am grateful for my new found friends! If you reside in the greater Seattle area and are interested in historical costuming here are some great groups:

WRS The Washington Regency Society
SITU Somewhere In Time Unlimited
Puget Sound Historical Costumers Guild

For the re-enactors set:
Northwest Colinial Re-enactors Association
WCWA Washington Civil War Association
Reenacting is a different animal from historical costuming. However, these groups don't mind us costumers showing up a civilians to their events wearing appropriate period costumes.

All of these groups are on FaceBook and have their own websites. I am to lazy to post links.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Folkwear 210 Armistice blouse review and Mansion tour outing!

Some of my costuming friends decided to do a mansion tour and tea recently. Time for a new outfit! It being summer I wanted something comfortable and easy to wear.

I was going for Titanic but landed closer to WW1. I had stumbled (no not really, I never just stumble into a fabric store) gorgeous green and white eyelet fabric. It was true love! Green is my most favorite color and in a cool summery eyelet it is a match made in heaven. I made the skirt first. It is basically two tubes of fabric seamed up the back with a basic placket and hook closure. The bottom portion of the underskirt (about 10 inches) is nice quality linen and the rest of the underskirt is basic muslin. Why waste good fabric on something no one will see. The shorter overskirt is my lovely eyelet. On to the blouse!

Folkwear Armistice Blouse:

WW1 inspired blouse with collar, long sleeves, cuffs and button front.

Sizing, alterations and pattern changes:

I literally fall between the L and XL (43 bust). I measured the pattern pieces and decided on the large. There is enough ease room without it looking like a sack. I made the sleeves 3/4 length which made the project quicker because I didn't need to make cuffs. I am short waisted so I had to move up the waist tie about 1.50 inches. Thanks to the advice from a friend I also skipped the buttons and made it a pullover. There is plenty of ease and the neck opening is large enough to slip right on over my head.


Directions are clear and concise. I had no issues putting this together. I know, how boring. ;-)

End notes:

Great pattern. Very flattering. The blouse can be worn tucked in or out. This would look more Titanic style worn with a earlier skirt like TVE30 1911 narrow panel skirt and tucked in. Looking at fashion plates and catalog listings this type of blouse was pretty popular from 1913ish thru post WW1. Even the very early dowdy 20's have tunic type versions of this blouse.

On to our fun outing pictures!! Our first stop was the Meeker Mansion in Puyallup, WA. Then it was tea at British Bites (very yummy). I didn't have any tea because it was too damn hot, but I did enjoy the rest. After tea we drove to Neely Mansion in Auburn, WA. Both homes are really beautiful.

Meeker Mansion.

The music room at Meeker Mansion.

 The vivacious Lady R.

 The whole gang!

In the dining room at Meeker.

 My partner in crime.

 Following The Countess AKA stalking.

 Victorian human hair art. I love this stuff!

 The Victorian intercom. Sadly it no longer works.

Gorgeous quilt in one of the bedrooms.

Photo op outside Meeker.

The always lovely Countess!

 The Neely Mansion. Our second home tour after having a relaxing tea.

 Neely Mansion in it's abandoned state before restoration.

 Neely interiors.

In spite of it being about 93 degrees that day we had a great time. Hey, did you know that Victorians didn't have air conditioning? ;-) Haha!