Thursday, August 11, 2016

Regency Stays Sewing Pattern by Redthreaded

At some point I decided to try a bit of Regency sewing. My first project was the Laughing Moon regency chemise. It was simple to put together. I used an inexpensive muslin as my fabric choice. The next goal was regency stays. However, I was waffling on what pattern to go with.  I decided I didn't want to do a ton of fitting because lazy. I had been eyeballing Redthreaded's custom patterns on Etsy. Send in your measurements and in a couple weeks a pattern arrives in the mail. She also sells wooden busks for your stays. Perfect.

The pattern arrived with full instructions and hand drafted on butcher paper. It felt like love in an envelope. I decided  to just dive in and go for it! The instructions were easy to follow and I had no issues putting it together. Even the gussets. I have never sewn gussets in a foundation garment before. It was not as scary as I thought. Yay! I like the fit. The cups are just the right size and there is enough hip spring to allow for spread when I sit down. The front length is perfect. I don't get jabbed in the crotch by my busk when I sit. My lacing gap is wider at the top than at the bottom. However, once the stays are worn and become seasoned that will even itself out.

I highly recommend this pattern. Instructions are clear and concise, zero complaints.

What I used:

White coutil for foundation layer
White with gold dots cotton fabric as fashion layer
Metal grommets
Synthetic whalebone aka German plastic boning
Straight steels for the back lacing panels.
Wooden busk
Bias binding
Lacing cord
Twill tape

Sorry for the blur. My camera was being bitchy. Side view, you can see the nice lift my stays are providing. 

Nope. Not a rabid possum on my head, just the #$$%&*% humidity.
Back lacing gap is a bit wider at the top. Once the stays are seasoned it will become even with the bottom. 

The other thing I finished up today is the regency bodiced petticoat by Period Impressions. That was interesting. I am sorry I don't have pictures but I forgot. The instructions are adequate but the way they have you put in the drawstring and lap the bodice closed makes no sense. But I really don't need the drawstring. The bodice is a perfect fit with my stays on. Also there are no measurements given in the sizing. I cut the largest size (22) cuz, boobs.....