Monday, February 12, 2018

Washington Regency Society 12th night Ball!!

I have been very remiss in my blogging lately. Life gets busy between family, work and sewing time. However, lucky for you I have a nasty cold and have taken to my bed. So lets talk about a most wonderful fabulous event put on by The Washington Regency Society!

This was a fairly momentous event. WRS decided to set up a ball for 12th night. It was held at our favorite Regency haunt, Lakewold Gardens. There was a wonderful dinner and a delicious 12th night cake. Plus Regency ball dancing! What can be better than spending the evening with friends, food and dancing.

What I wore:

Of course I did make a new dress and open robe. I kept it simple and used my Sense and Sensibility drawstring dress pattern. I had several yards of black silk gauze I planned on using. I figured a black Regency gown is a practical wardrobe choice. I have never worked with silk gauze before. It wasn't challenging but it snags very easily. On the other hand it is light and airy. Quite delightful. I will definitely wear it again.

For my open robe I used The Mantua Makers pattern, #1810-2. It is meant for sheer fabrics and I had some black and metallic cold chiffon I could use. The pattern is pretty straightforward and I recommend it. It makes up quickly too.

After making my black and gold ensemble I realize how much I need a black Regency bodice petticoat for my darker outfits. So now that is on my list of much needed undergarments.

Of course I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted. Here are a few from our wonderful evening. :-)

 Myself and The Countess!

 The Countess' lovely reproduction of a museum dress AND the pretty white dress she made for her friend. I was quite covetous of that gown.

 Selfie time!

 Setting up for dinner.

 A very dashing couple!

 The Lady Cynthia and her handsome escort! I loved the exotic look of both their outfits.

I found the prize in my piece of cake and was crowned King of the evening!

It was a wonderful time and I hope we can do it again! Now I am gearing up for The Victorian Festival in Port Townsend, Washington. Sewing away on new costumes (1890s) If you fancy a trip to the PacNW I highly recommend a trip to Port Townsend for VicFest! It is March 23-25th 2018.