Monday, July 11, 2016

Laughing Moon 133 Chemise a la reign

This last weekend I experienced my first ever regency picnic! Now I have a tough time with regency fashions. The high waist, grapefruit on a platter boobage. It is a tough one for me personally. Actually anything regency thru the romantic era. Eh..... BUT I was game and really looking forward to meeting some new friends and seeing some old ones.

Not quite regency but......
What I didn't want to do is make a whole wardrobe from the ground up. Mainly because I didn't have the time. I landed on Laughing Moon 133 the chemise la reign. I find this dress very pretty and feminine. I decided on view B with high neckline, no train and full gathers for the bodice. LM offers an alternate bodice with less gathers. I like the other views but I didn't want all the fluff, ruffles and puffy sleeves. I am fluffy enough in my person so I felt the streamlined version would be best. Plus the dress is white. I never wear all white because it makes me feel like and Easter Peep (the bunny one not the chick) sans the packaging. I was contemplating pastel pink or blue then I LOL'd my way to JoAnns with that image in my head and bought white fabric. It is a sheer cotton with a thin woven stripe.

The pattern:
Instructions are easy to follow. They have changed their format and pattern paper. You can cut the instruction into individual pages and clip them together like a book. Yay! For an Aquarius with ADD this is a blessing. The patterns are on real paper with very clear cutting lines. Nice and sturdy.

I waffled between 18, 20,22. So I chose size 20. In stays my bust is 42, waist 36 and hips 43. I didn't want to go too large or too small but I am also not super familiar with LM's sizing. Yes, I made a muslin.

Shortened the shoulder 3/8 of an inch. Shortened the sleeve (dunno?) a bit too much but I can always add a bit of lace. The skirt measures quite long (45) my hem is 3 inches deep. I would say in my shoes I am 5ft 5 inches. I cut the waistband on size 22 (36 waist) and just made less gathers (not much really) when I attached it to the bodice. The sleeves are pretty generous in width but I would still make a muslin if you have fuller arms. On the bodice lining piece they show you where to make tucks so the bodice doesn't gap away from your chest at the top. This is for the high necked version. I am not sure about the low necked one.

I highly recommend this pattern. Especially if you are contemplating regency. You could make LM 130 tunic and wear it over this dress. That would throw you straight into regency with one easy project. I did in fact make the 130 tunic but was not 100% happy with it (not the patterns fault). So I decided two days before the event to make a sash and wear the dress as a traditional chemise.

What I am wearing underneath and accessories:
Low necked 18th century chemise, strapless 18th century stays (1770s-80s). Lol, and my 1890s petticoats. The sash has no pattern. I cut it 15 inches wide so it would be nice and full. The width when sewn together is about 7 inches. The hat was a thrift store find that I decorated with feathers and flowers. The crown I covered with fabric because it was very modern looking.