Saturday, February 4, 2017

I made some Colonial doll clothes!!

I had a presentation coming up on women's basic Colonial fashion. My18th century wardrobe is fairly thin so instead of trying to make a wardrobe for me I decided to make one for my American Girl dolls. The first two patterns are PDF and Available on Etsy. The third patterns is a hard copy and also available on Etsy. For this pattern I bought the fabric kit as well. It has everything you need to make the full outfit.

First pattern: Highly recommend.

Thimbles and Acorns 18th century undergarments.
This is pretty much the full on 18th century undergarment wardrobe. I am keeping this basic so I only made a chemise, stays and a petticoat. There are panniers also included. These patterns are really fabulous. Well drafted, excellent instructions. Available on Etsy at Pixiefairepatterns.

Changes I made:
I sewed the boning channels in the stays but didn't use any boning. The stays aren't difficult, just fussy. I also hand sewed the eyelets. That is all.

Second pattern: Highly recommend
Thimbles and Acorns short gown. Pattern includes short gown, petticoat, apron and kerchief. I made no changes.

Third pattern: Highly recommend.
This pattern/kit is by Past Crafts on Etsy. The pattern is on heavy butcher paper and has great directions. The fabrics were good quality cotton.

Changes I made:
I used lace for the sleeve ruffle instead of fabric. That is all.

I had a really great time sewing doll clothes! It is like instant gratification.

 Round gown

 Short gown.


  1. Those are great outfits and must have been perfect examples for your talk.

  2. Those are lovely colonial doll clothes. I really enjoy sewing doll clothes too for my dolls. I will have to look for those patterns for my Felicity doll.