Sunday, January 31, 2016

Larkin & Smith 18th Century Silk Short Cloak

I figured for the ball I am attending next month I may as well make a pretty cloak. Because...well...dramatic hooded cloak!! Again I can blame movie influences on my love of certain wardrobe items. I will point the finger directly at The French Lieutenant's Woman and more importantly, L.A. Confidential when Kim Basinger meets Russell Crowe for the first time. I really liked Kevin Spacey in that movie BTW. And Russell Crowe was good too. But I have a soft spot for Kevin Spacey, John Malkovich and Gary Oldman.

This is only available as a precut kit. You have a nice array of color choices. I decided on classic black and white because I am also classic. The kit comes with all supplies and instructions. Now, it is meant to be completely hand sewn... Haha! Yeah, no. Not gonna happen. Complete respect to people who love handwork that much. I don't fall into that category because impatient Mimi is impatient.

When I constructed it I just did right sides together, clip seams and turn right side out. Easy peasy. The only part I did stitch by hand were the pleats on the back of the hood, and the hood lining over the neckline seam allowance. The trim I pleated via the sewing machine. Needless to say it went together very quickly. I did have to contact L&S just to ask what part of the hood was top, back, front and neckline since  I didn't have any pattern pieces to reference back to.

The fashion fabric of the cloak is black silk satin. I have never worked with silk satin before. It frays a lot. More than taffeta even. However, it has a lovely soft hand and is very pretty. The lining and trim are white silk taffeta.

I really like how it turned out. :-)

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